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    • To Tell the Truth

        The more I work with business owners and CEO’s the more I am confronted with a surprising human foible; no matter how successful and confident people may be we will go to tremendous extremes to avoid dealing with the bad actors in our lives. Of course there are those rare individuals who embrace conflict [...]

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    • Power What’s your Point

        As I was reading about athletes and the long term effects of multiple concussions, I made a startling connection.  These people willingly subject themselves to brain damage in the pursuit of their career.  I’ve witnessed the same phenomenon during PowerPoint presentations.  It’s hard to imagine a more ubiquitous form of corporate torture.  (If Al [...]

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    • What Really Drives Success

            Before you can get value from reading this article you’ll need to make a decision: Do you believe we live in a cause-and-effect world? This is not a trick question.  Have you, at the core of your being, fully accepted the belief that: The heat of the sun causes the evaporation and the [...]

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    • 9 Ways to Model Your Company on What Matters Most to Your Target Market

      Wouldn't it be great to just take a pill and make your competition go away? Of course it will never be that simple. I believe we can agree that all the easy problems have been solved and if we are ever to be able to make our competition irrelevant it will require a difficult course [...]

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